About Us

- Co Founders - Eric and Sandy Agyeman

PVBS is a social enterprise making quality retail clothing and custom Year 12 memorabilia jackets. Our products fund education and feeding projects, both locally and globally.
We see a future where the education and food crises are drastically reduced and the cycle of poverty broken!
-1 item feeds 4 people in Melbourne -

Did you know that 1 in 10 people are struggling to feed their families each week in Melbourne? The most common people who need food relief are low-income families, single parent families and those experiencing unemployment. That’s someone in the street where we live, and could even be our work colleagues or friends and family.
PVBS has partnered with FoodBank Victoria - an independent not-for-profit organisation providing food relief for more than 80 years. 
Each garment sold provides 4 meals to these people in need!
PVBS is supported by an awesome team of 8 incredible volunteers who are passionate about making a difference!
We’re #hungryforchange. It’s time to #feedthestreets together and break this cycle of poverty!