September Trip

In September/October 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful country Cambodia. 

The trip was organised by our Charity Partners 'Samaritan's Purse' and was for the following purposes 

1) To better understand the challenges of education access for children. 
2) To see first hand the projects and schools we would be funding and the systematic processes of our charity partners. 

It was a remarkable experience, from listening to heartbreaking stories of the local families, the hardship and difficulties they face to walking through knee high water to a remote school, to providing bicycles for children so they can have access to attend school. I can say I am more than convinced and re assured in my heart that not only is education one of the vital ways to eliminate poverty but also that I am committed to making a difference in this sector in Cambodia. 

I truly see greatness and some of the next generation of leaders emerging from this beautiful country. I see children being raised up with knowledge and opportunities their parents never had and breaking the cycle of poverty. I see children growing up to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, educators, government officials, entrepreneurs and making a difference in the world! 'When You Finish, They Start' is an initiative I believe will engage year 12 students to think globally and also understand that they too can make a difference!If your an educator, student, or anyone at all that would be interested in helping us reach more schools to present our idea and samples in schools then I would love to hear from you. Together let’s help children in Cambodia have access to a better brighter future! 

Thank You 

Eric, PVBS