100 Children Impacted!

PVBS kicked off the 2014 in a very impacting way! 

In Partnership with local charity ‘The Akaa Project’, PVBS funded a new roof and concrete walls and floors for a Grade 4 classroom in the Amanfro Community School in Ghana. 

Recently, the community got together and built the grade 4 classroom from their surrounding resources: bamboo walls, a dirt floor and a palm leaf roof. But in the rainy season, the classroom would be empty and teaching would come to a halt because the classroom was no longer accessible

The effect of this is students being displaced with some not even returning. However with PVBS’s support, the students in grade 4 will now be able to learn throughout the year.The funding of this project will bring a lasting impact for not only this year’s grade 4 students but all the future grade 4 students as well. Total impact = 100 students!